Have you ever encountered a person that appeared to have it “all together”? I did a little experiment. One day, maybe a few months ago, I made a simple post on social media “I am so blessed and happy”. Now, don’t get me wrong, most times I am extremely happy (because God made me that way) and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am truly blessed. However, on this particular day I was down and out because I was experiencing a missing my mother moment. For those of you who may not know, my mother passed away in November of 2005.  The purpose of me posting that statement, with tears in my eyes and from my bed was for sole purpose of this very blog post that you are reading today. Often times, our views of a person are based off what they post or how they appear when we have a social encounter with them. But the truth is, you really can’t determine the conditions of a person’s heart by merely looking at them. As Christians, we have to understand who people are beyond our “first impressions”. Is that vibe really telling you to escape or are you running away from a specific assignment? Question-How can you successfully operate in your anointing when you are not in tuned with the internal characteristics of a person? I mentioned in a previous post, what you see is not always what you get. That statement is so true in so many ways.

When it comes to difficult seasons, I would like to say that I pretty experienced. It was during my last challenging season that GOD instructed me to pay attention to the heart of others. I remember having a little talk with Jesus, in my personal prayer closet, just pouring out my heart because I, for the life of me, could not understand how someone (a friend) could betray me. Have you been there? Invested so much in a person only for them to hurt you in return.  Let me say this, the enemy will use people as a tactic to hurt you especially when they worship earthly possessions/titles/positions. In the process of me trying to figure out why, GOD said don’t worry about why, worry about when YOU will learn the lesson. Every scripture and devotional I read after that moment coincidentally involved remaining righteous in unrighteous situations. Then there was the story of Jesus. Jesus remained focused on his goal instead of what others were doing and or saying about him. Before I continue, I have to say that I really study the behavior of Christ because it takes a strong person to endure what he endured. After studying the reactions and walk of Jesus, it was so evident what my assignment was. God was telling me to focus on the heart of people more than their actions. All actions are NOT authentic. Sometimes, it’s not about what they did but how you respond to what they did. I learned during this season that my goal is not to judge how GOD deals with HIS people, or how he handle their short comings. But to remain prayerful and encouraging because you never know how GOD will use YOU in the midst of it all. I had to come to the realization that I don’t serve people. I serve GOD! And serving him means being obedient to him. As much as we like to hold on to past images of others or the pain that they caused, holding on to it will not glorify GOD nor will it help you enter the kingdom.

Now I know you are wondering, okay what is the beyond the headlines about. Well it’s actually pretty simple. Some people hide behind the image of worldly success instead of capitalizing off the word.  How many times have you compromised your true desire to “make it” instead of totally depending on GOD? More times than none, we fall victim to what society wants us to be oppose to being who GOD has called us to be. Jeremiah 29:11 states “For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans to prosper and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future”. So if GOD has declared this over you, why must we be shaken when things don’t appear to be going as planned? Isiah 40:29 states “He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might he increases strength (causing it to multiply and making it abound)”. Wow! Typing that just gave me chills. I pray you receive a revelation so that you will not compromise to get a temporary blessing. God has a plan for you that will succeed anything man can do for you. If GOD promised you that job, stand still and remain obedient until that door opens. If he promised you that business, go ahead and research your platform, business area, and plan to prosper. It requires more than a prayer, it also requires faith and WORK. Do your part and allow GOD the opportunity to do just what he said in his word…

Okay back to the topic at hand. Who you are and how you feel is more than a hashtag. More than a FB and/or IG like, more than a retweet/repost, more than a headline, more than 140 characters and most definitely more than what you physically display. Who you are is more than your credentials, more than your past mistakes/failures, more than what your friends/foes think, and more than the insecure moment that makes you react to the now. Who you are is what GOD IS… ROYAL! God said in his word that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Start believing what GOD said about you, build your image on his words and base your actions off his grace.

My prayer is that as you continue to grow and learn to walk into who GOD has called you to be, you will be mindful of others and look beyond the headlines. Also that you learn to depend solely on GOD and not on what society says is acceptable in order to fulfill your dreams. Lastly, my prayer is that you see the word in your life by standing on, seeking, and obeying his biblical instructions.

If you need prayer, contact me at SHEPrays4you@gmail.com.

Remember, “Faith comes by hearing, and what is heard comes from preaching of Christ”. Romans 10:17

If you are learning to walk in your faith, I encourage you to purchase material that will help you understand your assignment. A few books that I recommend is T.D. Jakes Instinct, Joel Osteen Break Out, and my favorite The Everyday Life Bible by Joyce Meyer. I also encourage you to follow one of my ministries that I share with some very special ladies Build This Kingdom on IG and Facebook. Lastly, you can follow me on twitter @She_Nel_08. May GOD continue to bless each of you and thank you for taking the time to read my post…


10 thoughts on “Pain: Beyond the Headlines

  1. Another awesome read that has truly filled me up!!!! You spoke some very profound words that have blessed me in so many ways. This current assignment I’m in has me questioning daily is this even in the will of God …but you reminded me how the enemy could be tampering with my mind trying to get me to flee from the very thing God is doing to prepare me for what He has already prepared for me. You keep letting God use you and watch how large He grows your territory!!!! Love you sis!!


  2. God led me to read your blog at 3:00 this morning and it was right on time with some things that I had been pondering about!! Definitely a great inspiration to lean on God for direction when it comes to making future plans. Absolutely loved it…Be Blessed!!!


  3. Shenica, God is definitely working in you and through you. It is so true that you never know what people are going through. They hide behind this masquerade and facade while giving off false perceptions of reality. If you are living in bondage or broken seek God “seek ye 1st”. The problem is we sometimes don’t trust who God uses to deliver us. “I’ll hear a word from him but not her”. I’ve learned that you have to be acceptant to whomever God sends to restore you. Maybe you don’t want them in your business b/c you don’t trust them but you trust God “he will not leave nor forsake you”. It also goes the opposite way as well. If God has led you to minister to someone you can not question God’s plan bc of that person’s status. Maybe they are your mentor, pastor, or a drug attic or alcoholic so what! Jesus never healed people who were on his caliber. If you have an assignment, fulfill it. Sorry Shenica for the sequel, your blog just moved my spirit. Be blessed


  4. Very good points; very well said. Thanks for sharing your life lessons in a way that can be used to help others who have ears to hear.

    There are times where I receive powerful revelation and insight from God, but I only share them in a 1-on-1 basis when it becomes specifically applicable to someone. Reading your posts, I see where perhaps I’m not being as effective and purposeful as I should be.

    Thanks for creating and using your platform to share the intimate parts of your talks with God with others who may not have that same level of communication with Him. In addition to all the intended points you made, it also served as a reminder to me that I’m not reaching others they way that God would have me. As I continue to focus 1st and foremost on feeding my relationship with my Father, I will continue to refer back to you and how you have used your relationship with God to nurture the relationships of others with their Father.

    Press on…eloquently, boldly, courageously, and humbly…press on!


    1. Thank you for reading Lotheronie! My prayer is that through my blog it encourages and motivate others to pursue their God given assignment. Based on your response, my mission is accomplished. Thank you once again for taking the time to read and respond. Be sure to subscribe below. God Bless!


  5. As always your words spoke to my heart. I love you & please continue to share your walk with Christ. You encourage me more than you know. Be blessed sister!


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