But you, oh Lord, are a shield for me… Selah. My glory and the one who lifts up my head- Psalms 3:3

During the holidays, like many of you, I will be giving thanks BUT pondering on the thoughts of what could be if I was still surrounded by those who have now gone on to be with The Lord. I don’t care at what age you experience the death of a mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent or child, you will STILL feel pain and void during certain times of the year because you’re accustomed to sharing those glorious times with the one’s you love. There is no word in the English dictionary that can satisfy the urge or longing to hear their voice, see their face, or to feel their touch. It is during this time that we ALL should become wrapped up in God’s love.

After much prayer, I was directed by the Holy Spirit to the book of Nehemiah. In this specific book, Nehemiah was given the assignment to rebuild Jerusalem. Now, I know you may be thinking what does rebuilding Jerusalem has to do with the pain of losing a loved one, or the fact that I have to spend another holiday without their presence. Let me further denote, like Nehemiah, many of you have to rebuild. In this case, the rebuilding is in the form of your life.

“God wants to repair every broken thing in your life and restore everything that has been lost. The enemy’s resistance should be an encouragement that God is doing something significant in your life, because he never opposes anything that does not threaten him. The enemy will oppose restoration in your life, but be like Nehemiah and stay focused and prayerful. You will overcome.” –Joyce Meyers

The enemy is trying to distract you during this time. It is perfectly okay to miss your loved ones, however do not become so consumed with sorrow that you fail to make memories, like the memories you’ve had with your loved ones. Give your children, your spouse, your relatives that are still here on the land of the living the love that you so desperately yearn for. We have to learn to lean on God, even during our most difficult times. Nehemiah 1:4 shows us that it’s okay to weep and mourn. But it also shows us that it is important to fast and pray. It is important to weep. People who do not show emotion keep them bottled up inside and ultimately destroy the inner linings of their heart. So let it out, and then live it out. Share stories that will bring joy to your spirits. I know it is hard, trust me, I’ve had to deal with this for 10 years, and it doesn’t get easier. But it does get better when I think of all the wonderful memories that were made.

Nehemiah faced many difficulties during his rebuilding process. So will you, but you must keep your sword near (The Word). It is my prayer that God will cover you with his peace during this holiday season.

If you are in need of prayer, you can submit prayer request to SHEPrays4You@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post as I encourage you during this holiday season. May God bless you all, be safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Shenica S. Nelson


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