“When God Makes You Laugh” 

Have you ever received a blessing from God that literally made you laugh? Not laugh because it’s humorous, but laugh out of amazement because his words to you did not return void. You see, this is what happened with Sarah when she finally bore a child for her husband Abraham. The scripture states she laughed (Genesis 21:6). 

Many of you have been waiting for years for God to manifest what he promised. I speak prophetically when I say, God is about to make you laugh. Some of the dreams, goals, plans that you’ve written off are about to manifest. Why? Because you’ve been patient, diligent, and constantly seeking. Blessings don’t occur on our terms, they occur and manifest on God’s terms. He’s the father and knows when we are mature enough to handle what he set out for us to conquer. 
Prepare to laugh…


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