Free but caged. Wrapped up in oppression and sin. Entangled by lies, hidden truths, and insane visions. What am I missing? We speak Christ, churching every week. Yet and still our souls are filled with pain that run deep. 

It’s all a show. Everybody appearing real, but in reality, real is hidden by gimmicks and thrills that kill. We post for fun, thinking the thread will transcend and run. But behind the letter characters we are STILL wrapped up in sin. 

Everybody looking strong, bible knowledge and mad revelation. Only to see it’s a facade that held a mind in a state of vacation. When will we see? We all caged but we screaming we’re free. 

The End 

Free but Caged is a written piece of art composed by Shenica S. Nelson, Founder of SHE Ministries. Any and all parts of this content belongs to Shenica S. Nelson and may not be reproduced without written consent. 

SHE Ministries is an organization that promotes prayer as you transition from season to season. In this season, we must unveil the hidden truths of Christianity and break free from bondage and truly live free. Freedom cannot be contained or maintained by a facade or knowledge. It takes the spirit of God to reside internally producing externally results. After seeing and praying about the destruction of “the church”, I was able to really see why and where we went wrong. 

Join me in praying for 2017, praying for restoration of holiness in the body of Christ. Don’t remain free, but caged. Get free and stay free.


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