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Fasting… How many of you reading this blog have attempted a spiritual fast, but did not exactly understand the fullness of fasting from a biblical perspective? How many of you have successfully went on a fast and simply felt the outcome did not yield results you’d hope for? This subject matter has been on my heart for quite some time. However, due to various reasons, I was unable to transcribe my thoughts into words on paper due to a lack of time. Interestingly, today one of my sisters encouraged us on this weekend’s DIY, to make time for your hobby. Well, as some of you are aware, blogging is one of my many hobbies. So, I saw that as a sign that I should be intentional about composing this blog, and guess what, I made time to do just that.


Fasting, in my opinion has become more ritualistic instead of sacred. Fasting is defined as abstaining from all or some kinds of food or drink as a part of a religious observance. When you observe something, you give attention to it. Typically, we see a lot of fasting post, blogs, and lessons being taught in the beginning of each year, however I am a firm believer that fasting should be implemented as apart of our lives on a consistent basis, not just at the beginning of the year.


We’ve often seen fasting done as a way of decreasing self so that we are cleansed and purified, allowing the Holy Spirit to enter in and perform great works. Fasting brings you to a state of humility, cleansing you of impurities. It is during this state, God can allow his strength to be made perfect. The scripture states in  2 Corinthians 12: 9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness”… In this scripture in particular, Paul begins speaking about a thorn in his side. Metaphorically speaking, a thorn can be translated into something that is causing great pain. This thorn was placed to keep him from thinking that it was he who was important. If you are familiar with Paul, you understand that he had great influence and was considered a spiritual giant in the New Testament.  Although he had an important role, the scripture is bringing awareness to how we can become full of ourselves, and God brings us back to a state of humility by allowing such thorns to be used. We know that pain weakens us, so in hindsight, WE could never cure ourselves or get through the pain alone. We need God and we need to admit that we are weak and are unable to get through life on our own.


So, back to fasting. Let us dive into scripture. In Psalm 69 we see that their was a cry of distress. David was crying out to be saved from the deep waters of life. He said in Psalm 69:2-3 “I have sunk in deep mire, where there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, where a flood overwhelms me. I am weary with my crying my throat is parched; my eyes fail while I wait for my God”. What is this scripture saying? David was in over his head, overwhelmed and in trouble. Like many of us, he found himself in a sticky situation. He then proceeded with this “O God, you know my folly; My wrongs are not hidden from you”. How many of you know and understand that you cannot hide your sins from God? Moving right along, he stated in Psalm 69:10 “When I wept and humbled myself with fasting, it became my reproach”. Lets pause for a second to define reproach. Reproach is an expression of rebuke. He could not rebuke (turn away from) his sin without being humbled, and he was able to be humbled by fasting.


What are behavioral requirements of fasting? (Luke 18)

  1. Fasting must be genuine, not religious or hypocritical.
  2. Fasting cannot be done while mistreating others or done with strife and contention.
  3. Fasting must be done in humility and with a heart of repentance.


When you are fasting, be sure to dedicate time to prayer. It is important that we couple fasting with prayer as the two intertwined releases the power and anointing from up above. Some of you are going through severe pain, spiritual warfare, sickness, unbelief, and so much more. Tap into the supernatural by naturally placing yourself in a position to fast and pray. I know you’ve heard of fasting, may have even attempted it a time or two. But fasting God’s way will yield miraculous results.


If you need prayer and or guidance with fasting, email me at and I can give you more scripture and a fasting plan to assist you on your journey to spiritual sacredness.


It is my prayer that you open your heart to receive the Holy Spirit like never before.


Be Blessed,








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