Hi guys, 

I feel sooo bad for not blogging routinely. But, on the bright side I have been working on a few MAJOR projects that I’d like to share with you all. First, my very first book will be released next month. I will post another blog about Pre-Sale orders as soon it is ready to be introduced to the world, which may be next week. Eeeeeek!

Next, my company has expanded so I have so many large projects I am working on at once. What can I say, I have been extremely blessed…. Here’s a tad bit of advice, whatever you’re believing God for, believe with your WHOLE heart. There’s no half stepping with faith. 

One of my newly found blogger buddies has inspired me so much since we’ve connected. Her goal is to post a blog weekly, so I got to thinking, I need to revamp my whole blogging schedule. I will TRY to post twice monthly and even allow a few more guest bloggers onto my page. I am excited about that also. Writing is my passion, I love it.

Before I wrap up this post… If you are not following me on twitter, you really should be. Here is my page SHE Ministries, I am also on Instagram here SHE Ministries on Instagram… 


Just to give you a little background about my company, SOPH Consulting,  it was formed in January of 2016. SOPH Consulting is a business consulting firm specializing in small business development. You can visit my website here —>SOPH Consulting


I pray that you are doing great also, my desire is to encourage you along the way, uplift, and pray as you all transition from season to season. If you have a prayer request, or simply would like to chat my email for ministry is SHEPrays4YOU@gmail.com; if you are in need of business services, you can email me at info@SOPHConsultingLLC.com.


Be Blessed,




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