Freedom! It’s not always free…. Cliche’, maybe so, but follow me for a moment. As defined, we know freedom is the following:


the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Now historically speaking, we’ve been “free” for a mighty long time. But do you actually feel free? Do you live free? Do you believe that you’re free? I’m asking these simple questions because we live in a time where “freedom” is preached but goals are not reached. I literally had to stare at the definition for a moment. To act without a hinderance? Are you acting without a hinderance? Not allowing ANYTHING to get in your way! Are you following dreams? Are you thinking the way you want or are your views being tainted by the media. 

When I think about “Freedom”, I think about being able to conquer life, because God gave you the freedom to believe. He gave you the freedom to serve him, which is all powerful and all knowing. If you KNOW him, believe in him, and trust his will for your life. Are you living like it? So again I ask, are you really FREE? 

The day I became free is the day I let go of every fear that limited me from being the best version of myself. I am free to be ALL God created me to be. So are you, it’s time to LIVE like you’re FREE… #BreakFREE 

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Have a great day and remember, YOU ARE FREE! 



2 thoughts on ““The Day I Became Free”

  1. Great post! Really eye opening and encouraging. Most people don’t know what freedom really is and they are living a lie. This post will definitely be a blessing to those who are in chains. God bless!

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