Guesssssss what!!! My new book is here and I am sooooo excited. Fighting Fear is a book of hope. We all struggle with many facades of fear and in this piece of literature, I reveal a few Fear moments I encountered, as well as how I overcame and are still overcoming some aspects of fear in life and in business. One thing I know for certain is that the enemy has a vendetta against your purpose. If he can halt, hinder, or block your greatness, he would. 

For many of you, you’ve hidden your dreams because they simply did or do not make sense. But let me remind you, when you downplay you, you ultimately down play God. Yahweh has equipped you to make a difference in this world, don’t you dare allow fear to interfere with the greatness that lay internally. Your business pursuits, your gift, your talents… they’re possible. They are ALL possible. The ideas you think about you, it’s possible. The program you want to implement, it’s possible. The job you envision, it’s possible. It’s ALL possible! 

I encourage you, push past the fear you feel and enter into a life of trust, walking victoriously in your purpose. 
You can order my NEW book here on Amazon. Oh and for those of you are always pondering on if you had this you’d do it , if you had that, you would be much better off…. allow me to give you a little background information on SHE. I am a first generation everything. First generation college student AND grad, first to obtain a Master’s Degree, first generation entrepreneur and NOW a first generation Author… you can do it when you focus in on what you DO have! Purpose… My mom didn’t have a high school education and my dad, well he completed high school but that’s about it. Am I ashamed, nope! I learned from it all and PUSHED towards the mark even though ALL odds were against me. I didn’t have a road map, to help me figure out my goals. Didn’t have a mentor, guide, or anyone that could get me to the vision God implanted in my heart. All I had was a desire for more, so I pushed and pressed. And guess what? You can too…. So, it’s not about what you possess physically but what you have internally. If you have passion + drive that equals purpose! Go for it, start by ordering my New Book today for practical tools and applications that will help you along the way!

 Eeeeeeeekkkkkk! I am über excited. Can you tell?! Lol. 

Have a great week ON purpose! 



2 thoughts on “Fighting Fear: The Road to Entrepreneurship 

  1. “When you downplay you, you ultimately downplay God.” Wow. This is my current challenge. Thank you for this reminder. I was just speaking to my mentor about this and she said greatness is who I am, it’s not what I do. Embrace it. I’m going to embrace it…it’s hard but I can’t worry about how others will receive it. I just need to focus on being who He made me…thanks sis


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