Can you serve God in your chaos? 

It’s been awhile, I know. Sorry not sorry, lol. Most of you, if you follow me on social media, know that my family and I relocated to California. Yes, right in the middle of the fire. Who does that? US, a true act of obedience. Since our transition, I’ve literally discovered more about ME and more about the God I serve, Yahweh. 
If you’ve ever relocated, you know how chaotic it can be from the time your items/furniture is delivered up until you place order in your home (which can take awhile). In the middle of it all, I felt my spirit a little vexed by the chaos and then BOOM, God spoke! “It’s easy to serve me while your life is in order, but it’s difficult to serve while in chaotic situations”. I wish you could have seen my eyes when this came to me. God preceded to speak, “Can you serve me IN the chaos? Can you APPLY what you’ve learned IN the storm? You’ve adapted to a relationship based on comfort. Can you serve me, love and worship while uncomfortable? I AM the one who provides comfort. Not the orderliness of your lifestyle”. 

OMG! That cut me DEEP, have I adapted to a relationship based off comfort? Have you? Examine your life, examine your heart. I know I did. I was shocked to find that ME, SHE, HER fell victim to a relationship of comfort. But God is GOD, Great and MIGHTY even when we are faced with opposition, discomfort or chaos! There is NOTHING or NOBODY greater than him. 
If you’re feeling frustrated, confused, or even out of sync, evaluate your views of God. Ask God to search you and reveal anything that is not like him. The root to most of our frustrations are our need to have everything lined strategically and perfectly, in order. But, we don’t serve a God who does the miraculous in perfect conditions. We serve a God that will disrupt your peace to draw you closer to him. #SelfCheck 

I am reminded of a scripture that speaks to my soul, “I will keep you in perfect peace those whose mind is stayed on me…” Now grant it, I am all discombobulated so it may not be word for word. But you get the point. 

Be blessed,


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