I heard a voice, whispering with force… “This is a season of movement and you MUST move!!!!!!!”

This is not a normal post yet it is a prophetic writing that will inspire you to MOVE forth with the plans God has already revealed to you. Before I dive deep into my blog post, let me first say that I feel a shaking in the spirit. The shaking will (if not already) dismantle relationships, break off comfort zones, shake up lives and break down the weary, forcing God’s people to do two things:

  1. Turn back to him 
  2. Walk by faith like never before

There are so many of you who’ve walked through life with an unction of greatness, never seeing it in your reality because you’ve failed to MOVE! In order to fully operate in your calling, you have to be okay with trusting God through the shaking, pressing and the praying. There are opportunities you’ve walked away from out of fear, professional relationships you’ve avoided due to comfort of who you are already connected to and knowledge you’ve rejected because it objects what you’ve been taught. Today, I come to deliver news that you will change the trajectory of your next season. Yes, you must MOVE

Abraham, the father of many nations was instructed to MOVE to a foreign land. To date, you STILL quote him, read his words and stand in awe of what God did for him. But it took an act of obedience, his willingness to trust God and MOVE when God said move. Because of his movement, he is the FATHER of NATIONS! I know you’re comfortable, I know you’re settled in, but if you want the harvest that God has for you, you must put feet to your faith and move. 

Now, allow me to clarify. Everyone’s movement will not be identical. However, YOU know what God has spoken privately to you… What he’s placed in your spirit. In your heart. In your mind. In your dreams. This is your confirmation, it’s time to ACT on it. God can’t bless an idea without an action to play on. I know you’ve heard this scripture many times before but allow me to compose it again. FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD (James 2:20)! Dead meaning without life!  In other words, it takes you having a belief + working towards your belief  which = manifestation. James 2:21 explains to us how Abraham’s faith was proven by his work(s). 

Moses was commanded to MOVE from fear, move from his inability to be influential and move past the skills he didn’t posses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. It wasn’t about his capabilities, it was about his willingness to trust The Great I AM! 

Esther had to MOVE from a familiar life with Mordecai (her cousin), to a life as Queen. 

Ruth had to MOVE to a new location in order to be positioned for her Boaz! 

I think you get the point, although I could go on and on. We like to keep God in our comfort box when he’s saying I need you to MOVE from the borders of your comfort zone! You pray for protection, for success, for miracles but remain in an environment that YOU can control instead going in a direction that requires the control of The Holy Spirit. Step out so God can step in. 
MOVE into a NEW environment that will cultivate your gifts and catapult your destiny. 



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