Level Up Your Faith

Happy Monday! Today is a day The Lord purposely made just for you, make the best of it!

On my heart today is a phrase that has become popular in the secular world. That phrase is “Level Up”! As I meditated on the word of God, I could hear him clearly saying “If you level up your faith, leveling up in other areas will be easy”. In other words, we have to learn how to increase in our belief that God will supply all needs for us to fulfill the mission we are set to accomplish! We often magnify worldly activities, making extra work for ourselves when God simply want us to level up in HIM. I am reminded of a very familiar passage that states Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all will be added unto you… I paraphrased the text but you can find it in Matthew 6:33!

I want to encourage you, if you are lacking in the realm of faith, pray to be released from whatever thought or whatever worry consuming your mind and your focus!!Those thoughts are distracting you from believing God. Cast down imaginations. His promises are yes and amen, and he is NOT slow to answer. Trust him, believe in him no matter what obstacles come your way, stand tall knowing that HE IS GOD! The great I AM… Jehovah!! The King of KINGS….




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