Come to Christ in Pieces…

Jesus Died for Everyone Guest post by: Erma of The Pomade Shop Bio:  Erma is an avid lover of writing and pomade. She typically writes about spirituality, health, beauty, and hair. When she isn’t writing, Erma is making batches of hair pomade for her online store, The recent departure of Easter has me thinking […]

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The Proverbial Woman- Day 31

Well, friends, today is our last day together studying The Book of Proverbs. It was so refreshing to read and learn MORE wisdom! What I found to be true during this season of my life is that you really have to unlearn the wrong behaviors in order to fully embrace the right behavior. I will […]

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Issa Good Friday…

Hey Friends, No time to waste… Happy Friday! As we prepare to celebrate the rise of a KING, let us never forget the wisdom taught to us in Proverbs. ALL God’s words are tried and true… ALL of them… Here’s a few words to remember: •You have dominion •You are MORE than a conqueror •All […]

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Seeking Wisdom: Day 29

It’s Thursday, another day The Lord has prepared just for us and I am so excited about it. Are you? Random: As I was waiting for my son to be released from class yesterday, an older man enthusiastically started talking to me about how much of a blessing it was just to be alive. He […]

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Wisdom Seeking: Day 27

“Allow your work(s) to speak on your behalf”-SHE Hey Friends, Happy Tuesday! In the world of wisdom, we will discuss a very relative topic that’s disguised as “branding yourself”. Should you exalt yourself? Contrary to popular belief, scripture tells us to allow others to honor you. In fact, it goes on to say that self […]

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