Prophetic Words of Wisdom

Any word spoken over you that is NOT in alignment with the assignment of heaven is POWERLESS! Hey friends, I am so excited about Day 26! First and foremost, I want to say that this week will be A-mazing! This week is called Holy Week, and for good reason. We are approaching the day we […]

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Wisdom Seeking: Day 25

Happy Sunday! I love Sunday’s because it’s a day we spend worshipping, resting and fellowshipping… Because of this, I am making today’s post quick and to the point! The topic: Integrity Proverbs provides us with sooooooo much wisdom but this is by far is one gem that is often overlooked in the “church” community. When […]

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Wisdom Seeking Day 24

What is wisdom? For clarity purposes, wisdom is identified as having experience, knowledge, and good judgement! We are guided by and directed by “good choices” and “bad choices”. Both determines the outcome of situations. If you are constantly making bad choices, ask God to give you wisdom. It’s no easy task, there are some who […]

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Wisdom Seeking: Day 23

A little discipline never hurt anyone… Discipline is something that today’s society has drifted away from. We’ve adapted to a culture of freedom and choices, not really holding ANYONE accountable for their actions. Although I do believe there are creative ways to discipline, it is a healthy practice to enforce change. Discipline is defined as […]

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Wisdom Seeking: Day 22

Did you read yesterday’s post? Omg, so enlightening… I am still soaking in the wisdom from our lovely guest post written by Jasmine Duff. It was soooo good! Today, grab a journal and really allow the words to penetrate in your heart. Here’s my favorite from Day 22: “Laying your life down in tender surrender […]

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“Finding Your Way to Wisdom

Today’s post is one filled with so much wisdom and insight from the book of Proverbs, written by: Jasmine Duff Jasmine Duff is a writer, speaker, and author at She is a Birmingham, Alabama native with a heart for spreading the gospel and uplifting her community. Say hi on Instagram! The word wisdom is often […]

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Wisdom Seeking: Day 20

Today, allow me to share with you all a response from one of my amazing twitter followers! I asked a question, what is your favorite Proverb and what does it mean to you? Here’s the response: Proverbs 2:6 – For Jehovah gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding. Wisdom is Christ Himself given […]

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